In my other blog, I have mentioned about a special Wall Clock that my parents gave to me and hubby as a present when they were here in US for a 3 week vacation. It was a very beautiful clock, that was hand crafted in Philippines. Along with that Clock is this beautiful Family Photo Frame that is also made of seashells and bamboo. It came with a picture of my family in it. In the picture is my Mom and Dad, my little sister Mel on the left with her daughter Yana that is next to my mom, then my big brother Rowell with his wife and 2 kids that are next to my Dad. Arent they so adorable? They are my only nieces and I missed them sooo much! Every time I look at this photo frame that I set on top of my dresser made me feel emotional a bit, cause I really missed my family. I sure hope to see them soon, maybe next year if God permits. 🙂 Isnt this a very beautiful photo frame? I sure love it! And it makes me proud to be a Filipino, because its one of our products.

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