It was raining like cats and dogs yesterday, and I had a dental appointment. I was thinking of rescheduling my appointment, but then I have to wait for a few weeks again in order to get my teeth fix. I cant wait that long, so I decided to just go in spite of the weather condition. And oh boy, there is not much visibility, good thing there are not much cars along the back road in the country, I just keep my fog light on and be more attentive of other vehicles. My little one was with me and he had so much fun. He loves it whenever we hit a paddle and would splash on the window and on the windshield, specially if a big truck pass on the other lane and splash a lot of water on the windshield, which make it so hard to see. The little one would scream and cheer. He said its so much fun! Hearing his voice so happy made me feel relax and enjoy the 1hour ride to the clinic. Yes its 1 hour because our dentist is in Westminster, MD, that’s another State, and we live in PA. Its not that hard to drive to MD, in fact I LOVE to drive down there specially if I’m driving in the back road going there. I dont have to worry about cops or speeding tickets because there’s none. But yesterday, I have to maintain my speed, due to the heavy rain, which cost us to be late on our appointment. Good thing the lady didn’t cancel our appointment, that would really sucks right?  Well, we were only 20mins late. 🙂 Anyhow, when we head home, it rained even more! Good thing, mommy is a very good driver, I can drive on this weather with one hand and the other one taking pictures. lol!

Photo above is my share for todays Blog Photo Challenge #163/366