Yes! I finally done it! The most anticipated haircut for the longest time now. The last time I had my hair cut was when I just had my youngest. I didnt like the result of that one, the hair dresser was not able to convey the style that I wanted, which got me so disappointed and felt depressed. Since then I had second thoughts of cutting my hair to any hair dresser here in US. But a couple of weeks ago, I promised to hubby that I am going to have a hair cut, he said that my hair is so long and its getting so unmanageable. The truth is, it bothers him whenever he lays down on our bed next to me because my hair are like everywhere on his pillow and it gets in his nose and mouth. He He He.. lol. So he finally asked me to have a haircut. 🙂

  Anyhow, below is my new do. :-D. Yay! I am very satisfied with the result. The lady took time by asking me what I want and showed me some photos in their catalogue. I told her I want my hair layered, shorter in front and longer at the back. Because its so wavy, the layering will make my hair look thinner and of course sexier. She was having second thoughts of doing it like that, because of the wave and thickness of my hair, but she did it anyway and she was so happy of her creation. This is the style that I always wanted and imagine to have. I wish I can put highlights on it to emphasize the layer, but hubby was strongly against it. He likes my super black hair way way better. Oh well, whatever, I just hope that it will stay nice like on the first cut. I know thats not gonna happen right? Cause we have some bad hair days from time to time. 😀

PhotobucketCheck out the before and after photo, notice how much my hair style change the look of my face? 🙂

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