It was at MasterCuts in West Manchester Mall when I had my hair cut last Thursday. But before heading there, Clayton and I fool around a bit at the Toy Vending Machine by the Entrance door of the mall. We were checking out the toys, if there is any stuff animals that are easy to grab by the crane. I was not gonna play it because I find it too expensive and the probability of getting a toy in this vending machines are like 1%. But the little boy was very persistent, he wants to play this game to win a price. He said “only one Mum Mum(with teary eyes)”. What the heck, this boy really knows how to get me. So we played just one game(not hoping that we could get the toy that I was aiming to get). But miraculously, when the claw grab the super brown turtle and pulled it up in the air, it didnt dropped it back to the pit, but instead, it keeps on moving and drop it in the hole. The little one and I was so surprised! I even scream Hurray! lol. Clayton grabbed his price right away, and didnt let go of it. The photo below is his new price. Its Super M Turtle, but he calls him Dinosaur-he thinks its a dinosaur. lol. This little turtle got him busy while I was in the Salon having my Haircut day. He stayed quite and was so behave all the way, which made him so likeable by the hair dressers in Mastercuts.  He was so happy with his new stuff toy that he cuddles it at night. We sure got lucky that day. You know how hard it is to get a toy from this machines right, it will just consume your money and still dont get any. But that day on our first try we got lucky. 🙂Photobucket

This photo is my share for #253 Blog Photo Challenge