Here is another thing that I like about our new place, and that is its close to almost EVERYTHING I need! I say almost because there is no Asian Store here in the Southern East of PA. Too bad huh? But it doesn’t really matter cause I can order my Filipino goodies online. But that’s not what I really want to talk about. I am talking about Giant Market, Weis Market, and WalMart SuperStore. These three are the most popular store in the Country specially here in the East Coast. I often go to WalMart cause that’s where I get my Jasmine Rice, and the cat foods that are 2 bucks cheaper than any of this store. Even though WalMart don’t have a special discount card, I still find them cheaper with some of their stuff that I usually buy. Of course, that depends on the WalMart where you are at, their prices of some items varies on every WalMart Store. Giant and Weis are just 2 minutes drive away from our house and WalMart is like 5minutes drive away. How convenient is that? And these stores are 24 hours open. :-)Not only that, hubby discovered a Chinese Carry-out and Dining place close by that serves tasty Chinese foods! After tasting their Bar-b-que Ribs, Sweet n Sour Pork/Chicken, Sesame Chicken, and Egg Rolls, I knew then that I was hooked. lol! Isn’t it nice to have all these things just around the corner ? Our location right now is very close to town, yet private.

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