My boys looking so happy with their new toy.

We were invited to a birthday party of my friend’s son a couple of weeks ago. We went to the Store first to buy a present. The birthday boy loves legos, so we went to the Lego aisle. I dont have any plans to buy toys for my boys since they have so much toys already, and I know they will just gonna lose it. It will be like all over the floor after putting it together then I would be like screaming on top of my lungs for stepping on it. lol! That is what’s gonna happen right? I trust my eldest, but the little guy here in the photo who is grinning from ear to ear is i-dont-know. lol! Anyhow, mommy was not able to resist the little one’s plea. I told them that when they get home, they better hide it from their Dad coz I might get in trouble for buying them another toy to throw on the floor. And they should put it away after they play it (i doubt it). They said okay, so there you go, they got me again. Hayz.. Thats why we work right? To give them everything they want. And Lego is not a bad toy, in fact its good for their brains. It will help stimulate their brains in putting things together. Its pretty educational. So after the birthday party, we went home right away, and play with the legos. I help the little one put his legos together, and followed him around make sure that no parts are flying up in the air.

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