I probably wrote a 48 times already about our everyday scenario, but not yet in this new house. 😀

As you can see the photo below, nothing much have change from the old house to this new house. Our living room is as clutter as it can be whenever this little one is up and running. We got all his toys in moving boxes. We didn’t set it up, and put it in order because we dont have any plans on staying in this rented house for a long time, so there is no sense in setting it up since we are gonna move anyhow.

Anyway, I was sicked for a couple of days, I just lay still on the couch and didnt do much of cleaning. I feel to tired of picking up all the mess, looking at it makes me feel so dizzy, and just want to close my eyes. The little one had his fun digging in his toys, counting them if everything is still there, segregating them by colors too, and putting all the puzzles together. I tell ya, he knows how to do the jigsaw puzzles. I bought him a Melissa and Doug wooden Animal puzzles, and knows how to put them together. I feel happy doing his own thing, not bugging me a bit, and letting me rest for a couple of hours. I’m not really worried about the mess he makes, because I have somebody who picks it up for me, and that is my eldest son Jian. 🙂

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