Ahhh.. The joy of parenting, seeing your kids developments as they grow older and becoming fine young boys and girls are such joy to parents. It is a very satisfying feeling that all your hard work have pave off, and knowing that your ways of parenting is effective. Being a Parent is not an easy task, it needs dedication, understanding, patience, and lots of love; and as a parent to a very quite-shy-7year-old boy, and to a very active-and-overly-hyper-toddler boy,  I need all that.

Anyhow, I am a very proud parent, I guess we all are specially if our child is showing some exceptional behavior or talent that surprises us a lot of times. My eldest was exceptional, because he learned to read words all by himself at the age of 2. He was able to read juvenile books at the age of 3, and has a photographic memory that will surely amazes anybody. Not only that, he is exceptionally a very good big brother.  Now you know why I’m such a proud Mama, specially that my youngest is showing exceptional behavior as well. Check out the video below.

The night before I took this video, I taught him how to pray. Then the next night, I told him to pray to baby Jesus. Surprisingly, he started saying the sign of the cross all by himself. The video above is the second time he pray that night. I asked him to do it again, so I can video tape him. Good thing he oblige with Mum Mum’s request. I am so overwhelmed and made me even more prouder. After he said his prayer, he said good night and I love you Mum Mum. Hearing those sweet words melt my heart.

My kids sure make me feel like a very lucky Mom Mom. Photo below is my first born, giving me a hug, a kiss, i love u’s, and good night greetings, before hitting the sack. He is such a very sweet boy. They sure deserve all the attention, love, and care from their Mum Mum. 🙂