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Β There is something seriously wrong with our electric meter. Its too dang high for a regular residential place. The reading is definitely not normal for an average household. Hubby and I were baffled, because we don’t have that much appliances, and the Central Air is seldom used specially now that our temperature drop down to 40-50F, so we dont need AC. Our first bill was $480, we thought that its because we just moved in this new house and just got everything running. We are hoping that the second bill will go down to normal like $100-120. But sad to say, it didnt, our second bill is $408. πŸ™ We sure are confused on what is wrong. We called the electric company about our bill, but the stupid lady insisted that its our fault. Well, I dont think so. We never have a huge bill like this in our old house that has lots of vents on our windows, doors, and basements; we even used more electricity in that old house but our bill was only in $90-120. And in this house, we dont used much electricity, and the owner of this house had it all fixed for us to rent it. We asked the electric company to check our meter, and they said that they will be sending people to check it. I hope they will find out what is wrong with it, otherwise, hubby will not pay the bill! Gosh!