PhotobucketLove this miniature railroad town train in the mall.  Whenever my kids and I go to the mall, we never missed of checking it out and making it go. To make it go, you need to put 2 quarters on each hole that is located at the side of the box. This railroad has 2 train sets that goes around the town and into the tunnel. Both trains has its own trains tracks so it will not bump on each other, and it goes in an opposite direction, the other one is clockwise, and the other one is counter clockwise. As you can see the photo above, my kids are so amaze by it. They love to watch the train goes and the other miniature stuff inside. It whistle too, if you press the red button that is located at where you will put the money to make it go. It sure is the coolest, but it can eat your money too because kids love it so much that they want more more more.. 🙂

I would like to share this post as my entry for BLog Photo Challenge #269/366