Its been a month since hubby and I celebrated our 5th Anniversary. I havent talked much about it since I was so busy here in the house lately, and I am still trying to cope up with blogging. You know I am such a slacker, If i dont feel to.. I really dont feel like to. LoL. That is why most of my post here are like 2 months old, like this one. 🙂 It doesnt really matter how late are my post are, what matter is the content of the post. Right! Hao!

Since I posted yesterday about the flowers that hubby gave me on our Anniversary, I might as well share our exchange cards. You know, he seldom write me a love letter, if I remember it right, it was like 3 years ago when he gave me a card. Honestly… I would rather have a hand written card from him than roses, cause I can read it over and over again, and I will be like falling over and over again. Cornik! Ha Ha!

Well, here is his card that is full of love…. <3


And here is my most sweetest Anniversary Card to hubby.  hehehe 😀Photobucket

After reading my card, hubby said that its not fair, because his card that he gave  me is very nice, while the card that I gave him is full of $#iT. Hahaha.. He is so hilarious. He was laughing though when he said it. I cant help myself to laugh too at his reaction. In spite that he accepted my card with a kiss. 😛

This is my share for #272/366 Blog Photo Challenge