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This was my 5th anniversary present to hubby, a Hamilton Beach 0.7 cubic Countertop Microwave. You are probably thinking that this is such an unusual Anniversary present, and wondering if we don’t have a microwave in the house, or why I bought another microwave? Well, this microwave is for hubby to used in the warehouse where he works, so he doesn’t have to drive for 10minutes, burn gas, and waste time, just to get a fresh hot coffee from the gasoline station. Hubby just moved in this warehouse where he is working at right now, so he dont have much of anything. He had been thinking of getting a microwave, but he was too slow, so I decided to go ahead, and bought him one from my earnings.

Anyhow, he was really happy when the kids and I dropped by to see him, and told him that we have a surprised for him at the back of the car. He was very happy to see the Microwave, and made coffee right away. I also brought a jug of instant coffee, creamer, and sugar that day; it wouldn’t be perfect if I forgot those right? After all I am a girl scout, always ready! :-D.

You are probably thinking why not a coffee maker instead? Well, we used instant coffee. We love the Instant Coffee of Nestle rather than the taste of any brewed coffee. We used to own a coffee maker, but we gave it to my FIL, since we never used it. For us, it is more convenient to make an Instant coffee, and faster too.

  So what do you think of my present to Hubby? Am I sweet or not? 😀