His 4th baby tooth finally fell off!  Thanks to mommy who pulled it by forced, because it was starting to bug him and his gums were swelled up. It was loose for weeks and it seems like it will not fall off by itself. My poor little one was complaining about it, that it hurts a lot, and I saw that his gums were so red, so I decided to pull it by myself. First, I put a little bit of Anbesol around the tooth on the gums to make it numb, and let it sit for a minute, then slowly I tagged the tooth at the same time asking him if it hurts, he said no. When he said no, I pulled it abruptly as hard as I can using my clean fingers. Good thing it fell off on my first pull. He felt a little pinch but he was relieved that its finally off. Look at him below, so happy the next morning when tooth fairy left a dollar in an exchange of his tooth. Actually this is the 2nd tooth that I pulled. I am so proud of him because he was so brave in letting me pulled his teeth.


Wednesday Whites : BPC #279