One morning, I was making breakfast for this little guy here in the house. I was cooking a hotdog and a sunny-side up egg, when he came up to me. He pulled the bar stool next to the stove and starting to climb on the stool to look at the hotdog. I told him no, that he have to stand far because the hot oil might splatter on his skin and hurt him. But he was so stubborn just like his Plop Plop, and smart too! He took the pan cover that was on the sink, climb on the bar stool, and put the pan cover in front of him shielding his face from the spluttering hot oil. lol! Check him out below. Isn’t he so funny? LOL! I sure love this little guy even though he is as stubborn as his dada. 😀Photobucket This is my entry for Blog Photo CHallenge #298/366