Photobucket When I got up last weekend, I was freezing cold. I checked our temperature in my cellphone and it was below freezing point(32F), 28F (2C). Then I looked outside, and saw white frost everywhere,, on my car, on the trees, on the grass, and on the road. It was beautiful, but I find it weird at this time of the year to be experiencing such low temperature. Usually it would start to frost like on the last week of Autumn, but its only on the first month of autumn, and then we are experiencing this kind of temperature already. The weather here on our side of the planet is really changing. I was wondering if  Global Warming is true? True or Not, we need to be prepared at all times, especially the coming of our Messiah.

But anyhow, the frost didn’t last long. The sun melted it right away, and the temperature starting to go up to 50F in the middle of the day. It was a pretty nice weekend. My kids and I spend our weekend outside. We attended the Lowes Build and Grow ones again, and visit one of the farms here in our area for apples and pumpkins picking. It was fun! I wish hubby was with us that day, but he needs to work in order to provide all our needs.

Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge # 290