PhotobucketPhoto above is in our old place, under the old oak tree that is beside the house. As you can see my kids were having so much fun playing under this tree. The grass here are always thick and so soft on the back that it is nice just to lay there and watch the birds and the squirrels gather acorns for the coming cold days. I sure miss this tree, especially that its Fall Season. It changes its leaves so beautifully, and filled the ground with fallend dried leaves that my kids loves to gather and jump on it. Thinking about this tree is making me miss our old place so badly. Because here in our new place, we cant do stuff like this openly. And our backyard is like everybody’s backyard. There is no fence to hide us from the onlookers. I sure hate the feeling that somebody is looking at you, and I always have to check myself to make sure there is nothing showing. Because of this, I miss our old place where we can do anything, my kids are free to run around, and not to worry about passing cars. I hope hubby will hurry up and build our new place, so we will enjoy the privacy that we always wanted.

Check out my little one below, enjoying the moment of peace. =D


 Blog Photo Challenge #296/366