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Its in the middle of Fall already, leaves have changed so dramatically here in the East Coast of US, and soon enough, there will be no more leaves left hanging on the tree. The weather here has been so great, that farmers were so happy with their fall harvest. Apples has been really abundant this year here in our area, and my family and I had our taste of fresh pick apples from the Orchard that we went to last week.

Apple picking is one of the things that my family and I look forward too in fall season. Not only that, we also attend the Fall Festival here in our area. Its when farmers can showcase their produce, some gardening ideas, things they do in the farm, and machines, equipments, tools, and other stuff they used in planting and how to have a bountiful harvest and beautiful garden. This is really good because this will help people who are planning in building their garden.

Since, I am one of those who are searching for Gardening Ideas and what to do’s, I stumble into this video below

I had been thinking of planting some herbs in the future, and I thought this video would be very helpful in starting my herb garden. I like to have my own herb garden to save me a trip to the market, and if I want to add flavors in my cooking, it will just be a pick away. To succeed in planting herbs, I need to have a good potting soil such as Miracle-Gro® Potting Mix, like what the lady is using in this video. Isn’t that awesome? I really thank all the Gardenieres ,

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In making videos like this because this really help people like me who are planning to start their own garden.Advertisement

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