For many people their cat is a beloved member of the family and may be treated as so. Cats can be an enjoyable pet for families with young children or even the individual who maintains a valuable bond with their pets. To make sure your home is a cat friendly environment, we’ve provided some techniques that will help you maintain a safe and stimulating environment.Photobucket



It may be beneficial to think of your cat as a young child. In some circumstances your cat will explore immensely and have access to harmful items in the household. Be sure to keep poisonous sprays or liquids stored away. As cats can be very inquisitive creatures, you may find them in the most obscure places as they adventure off both indoors and out. Keep lids on harmful products and sharp or dangerous objects stowed away. Be sure to make sure any rodent or insect repellents are carefully placed out of the cats reach.


Food & water

Cats don’t necessarily require timely meals. As in they don’t wait for lunch and dinner time to come round and wait in the kitchen for their meals the same time every day. Be sure to leave enough food and water for your cat to access on a daily basis and check on various occasions to ensure there is enough to fulfil their needs. Mix up your cats meals between wet and dry foods and provide water in more than one location in the household to prevent the cat deterring from one area.


Litter trays

It is essential to provide your cat a litter tray in a safe and private environment. If you have more than one cat, it is more hygienic to provide a litter tray for each. Avoid using toxic linings or cleaning products as the unfamiliar odour may discourage the cat from repeatedly using the tray. This will also prevent an unhygienic environment for the family as the cat will avoid using the bathroom in other unwanted areas of the home.


Cat friendly toys and objects

As cats are curious and friendly animals, they enjoy playing with specific toys and jumping or climbing on bigger, taller objects. Make sure you provide balls and other cat friendly toys to allow them to entertain themselves. Cats are drawn to moving objects. You can purchase fake mice or other rodents that use batteries to wiggle and move on the floor. This allows the cat not only to play, but to perform their hunting duties on natural enemies. It also may be worthwhile to provide a cat scratcher. These allow the cat to scratch their claws and climb up and manoeuvre on. Not only will a cat scratcher entertain your cat, it will also prevent them from damaging other fixtures or carpets in your home.


Provide an exit to the outdoors

Cats are intrigued by the outdoors. It is essential to allow them access outdoors to provide your cat a stimulating and exploratory environment to allow them to develop both physically and mentally. Be sure to provide them a safe and convenient exit, such as a cat flap installed at the bottom of your back door. This way they’ll know the exit and avoid scratching at security window screens, walls and doors to try escape the dense indoor environment.


Mr. Meow and Clayton

By utilising these techniques, your home will become more cat friendly and allow your cat the necessities to not only survive, but to live a more fulfilling and adventurous life.