My kids and I went to the Mall yesterday. I parked the car at the back of the Mall where the entrance of the Regal Cinema Theater was. Looking at the Cinema makes me realized that its been a decadeĀ  ago since I watched a movie in the Theater. I haven’t watch since I arrived here in US. My youngest son’s health condition hinders us from watching a movie in a big screen. But I would love to watch a movie with hubby someday, minus the kids. I wonder when will that happen?

Anyway, there were so many movies that I like to watch that were showing yesterday. In a few weeks from now, it will be available in DVD, then I get the chance to watch it. One of the movies that I am dying to watch is the last Series of The Twilight- Breaking Dawn 2. I was impressed with the acting ability of the actors on the part 1 of this movie. I never really like this type of movie, but because the actors did a pretty good job in convincing the viewers by looking so natural and so realistic, it got me hooked up too like the rest who were looking forward to watch this last series of this movie.

I bet its not easy to be an actor or an actress. I know some of them undergo some training, workshops, went to acting school, and did a lot of auditioning to succeed in this industry. Some of them probably went to toronto acting auditions to get the role that they want. They need to Audition first, and show their acting skills if they are fit for the role. There are a lot of agencies and companies that conduct auditions for certain shows, and movies, for those who wants to be a performer and hasĀ  guts to perform in front of the people. One company that does this is the Audition Coach. It’s base in Toronto, Canada, so if you happen to be in the area and wants to shine, better check it out . They don’t only audition for acting, but also singing, and dancing. If you think you got the talent to show to the whole world, Audition Coach might be the one that will fulfill your dream as an actor or an actress.