Last week, I got the chanced to talked to my 2nd grader teacher. I had an appointment with her for parent-teacher conference. We talked about my son’s progressed in  school for the first term. There were some good remarks, and there were also bad remarks.  She was very honest and told me everything about Jian in school. I agree to everything she said. I really appreciate her honesty in telling me the real score of my child. His writing and reading were excellent though, and the math was just average. We talked about the Math, and some good strategies to teach him at home, on where he is slow at, specifically counting coins and graphs. She also told me about Jian’s behavior which is no surprised to me, because he does the same thing at home. We discussed about it and was able to come up with a solution of this problem, that from now on, as a Parent, it is my responsibility to assess him in his studies.

The conference went well. I was glad I went that day. I did my homework right away, and talked to my 2nd grader about everything his teacher said. Wow, it was pretty tough. It made me think, it must be pretty tough to do homeschooling too. I had been thinking of homeschooling him, and did some researched about it. I wish I got all the time in the world, I would just probably homeschool him. I know a few Mom, that does homeschooling. They told me that its not that really tough, if you know what you are doing. At first it would take time, but afterward you will get the hang of it. My friend said that you need to choose a learning program that is easy for your child to understand and to know some learning strategies that will fit for your child in order to succeed in homeschooling. Sound’s pretty tough to me. But she said that I don’t have to worry about it, because if I’m not sure of what I am doing, I can always look up online like Bridgeway Academy who are willing to assess me with Homeschooling.