Temperature went down drastically since the super storm Sandy pass by in our area. We felt so lucky that Sandy’s strong wind didn’t affect us much, even though we heard its strong wind hitting our window pane and slamming on our roof. We were surprised and so glad that it didn’t cut off our power line as what we expected to happened. Before the Perfect Storm Sandy passed by in our area, we prepared ourselves for the worst. I went shopping for groceries, while hubby set up our portable generator in the garage, just in case if the power went off. Good thing it didn’t! But I sure feel glad and secured that we have a portable generator to save us from power shortage. I remember, we bought this generator due to power shortage in our old house that lasted for how many hours. Even though it was not in our budget, but this equipment made us feel secured and safe, knowing that we will always have electricity, especially during the cold days. All we have to do is store a lot of gas to run it.

How about you? Are you prepared of this kind of days? If not, better think twice, and start saving your money for a portable generator. Due to what is happening in the world right now, with all this natural calamities that is occuring unexpectedly, we need to be prepared at all time. Especially if you are living with old people and children, it is important to keep them warm and safe.

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