Halloween is already over but this blog is not. =D I would like to share to you some photos of my little boy painting his pumpkin.

2 weeks before Halloween, I bought my kids 2 pumpkins from our local store for pumpkin painting. I thought this would be a great activity for my little one who stayed indoor most of the time due to the cold temperature outside. On the next day after we bought the pumpkins, we painted it right away. I put some news papers on the floor to keep our carpet from getting smeared with paints. I had some old paints that I bought last year for JJ. And I also have different kinds of brushes that the Grandma gave to JJ as a present on his Bday last year. SO basically I got everything that we need to paint our pumpkins.

The little one below painted his pumpkin many times with different faces, but seems can’t get the face that he wants. After all the trials, he finally decided to paint his pumpkin green. 🙂 I helped him paint the eyes and mouth. He was very happy with the result! I guess he doesnt like the orange color. He prefer a Green Jack 0 Lantern. hehe..


When my eldest got home from school, he painted his pumpkin right away. He just painted it all blue.

Blog Photo Challenge #310/366