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After Thanksgiving Day was Black Friday, the most awaited day by all shoppers here in US. As for me, I was not sure if I was gonna go shopping or not. I was thinking of what I need or what the kids need, and not what we want. So far, I have nothing in mind that was important. I find it no sense to buy more shoes, clothes, or purses since I have enough in my closet. I was thinking of a Christmas present for my kids, but if I go shopping for it then I should leave them here in the house, so that they will not see what I will gonna buy for them. But hubby had a big job that time, so I had nobody to watch them while I go shopping. Anyway, I’m pretty sure there will be more sales coming since Holidays are coming, and I was not sure on what to give them for Christmas either. Usually, before I will buy them something, I do my researched first, on what is the best toy in town, so I don’t have to spend hours and hours in the toy store figuring out which one to get for my boys.

Well, after contemplating for hours whether to go, or not to go; I finally decided to go, when I looked at my eldest son. I said to myself that, he definitely need some new pants, and I need a deep fryer since I don’t have one. Good excuse to check out the stores aye? haha…

Anyhow, so the shopper in me won, and off we went to The Outlet Shoppe in Gettysburg which was just less than an hour drive from our new place. 🙂 When we got there, I was so surprised that this place was full packed! I had a hard time finding a parking space, luckily somebody pulled out after I turned around for the second time to find a spot. Usually this place is like a graveyard (exaggerating right! lol) during weekdays. 🙂

The first store we went to is the Carters for kids. Oh boy it was so crowded in there, like butt to butt. lol! So we went to Children’s Place instead which was a bit okay, and picked 3 pants for my eldest. Afterward the little guys were complaining that they were hungry so we went to the Food Court, but going there, I noticed a new opened store. I was ecstatic when I saw the big sign COACH 40% off on everything! Haha.. I told my kids, before we go to the food court lets look here for a minute. I heard some moaning and groaning, but I just ignored it, and went inside the store. lol! Oh boy, I so wish I brought some extra cash. It took me like 30mins to decide which to get. I was like, before I leave the store, I need to purchased something. I was thinking that this would be the Christmas gift for me since I’d been very good this year. Still the frugal in me striked, and decided to get a Wallet, since my wallet was falling apart. Happy that I got something for myself, then off to the Food Court! hehehe… =P

It was a fun day. The temperature was perfect for strolling from shop to shop. I didnt get my fryer though, because I cant find the one that I like. I figure I will just order it online on the coming Monday, and still get the best deal. That’s what I did alright! Oh, by the way, I also purchased some Hand Sanitizers at Bath and Body Works for hubby. 🙂

How about you? What did you purchased on Black Friday?

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