Planning to do some home improvements before the New Year? Well, I do. I wanted to do some home improvements, but since we are just renting this house that we are currently living right now,so home improvements is pretty much limited. What I did is searched online on things that I can do in a rented house without poking a hole on the wall and if the time that we move out, the house would still look the same as the day we moved here. To tell you honestly, I have already poked a few tiny holes to hang our photo frames, I hope it will not be visible to the owner when she check it out when we move.

Anyway, I am considering of doing some Wall covering. Since I cant paint the walls, wall covering might be a good idea. I am kinda bored with our while wall here in the living room. I want something different and fun. I saw some cool wallcoverings at  Atrium Wallcoverings online. My favorite is this design below, but in Green White color which is perfect for our living room.This design comes with different color that you can choose in their website – the Brown on Brown, Gold on Gold, and Beige Pearl Iridescent. I like the Green White better because it goes with our furniture and our wall decors. So what do you think about this design? I think its cute. This would be perfect to welcome the New Year 2013.