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Last December 8, my family and I attended the Mag-Anak Christmast party held in Hanover, PA which is just half an hour from where we live. Its been awhile since I attended any meet in this group, the last time was like 5 years ago, on my first Christmas here in US. I had been a member in this group since I arrived here in US. They had been assisting me in processing my immigration documents by answering all my queries regarding USCIS, which is the main purpose of this group, the reason it was funded. The husbands are the ones who are knowledgeable about the immigrations and the wife’s are the ones who are knowledgeable about the gatherings and meets. I feel glad that in spite our absence in attending their meets due to the location, they never failed to invite us always 🙂 . And since the party was just 30mins away from our house this time, we were able to attend. I also invited some of my friends who are close to the area, and were so glad that they were able to attend the party. It was so much fun, they had so much fun alright! There were lots of foods, singing, dancing, surprises, games, exchange gifts, and more. Even though I only know a few people in the party, and saw them just one time- I felt like I knew them for a very long time. Check out my photos below…


Photo below was snagged from a friend of mine in facebook. Photos shared at Blog Photo Challenge 364/366