We all know that June is the most popular month for weddings, history say its because its Spring Season, and the weather is perfect. I wonder if there are weddings on December? Maybe in a Tropical Country, but here in US, well, I am not sure. Do you know any couple who are planning their wedding in December? Well, I know none, and some of you might. Weddings in December would probably indoor due to the cold weather especially here in the East Coast. But you know what? I used to dream to be wed on a snowy day, cause I find it magical. It would make me feel like a snow princess with all that snow dropping on my face, that would be wonderful right? It would probably hard to find the right wedding dress that fit for the cold temperature of December, and the guess would probably freezing in their sits while witnessing the couples union. This kind of wedding is just one of those fantasy wedding that any bride would want, but in the end, they always choose the possible rather than the impossible.

Anyway, below is a brief history of weddings that I stumble upon at Moissanite. To those who are planning to get married, it is important to know about this so you will be prepared and know what is the real meaning of marriage.

A Brief History of Weddings | Moissanite.comAnyway
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