My little boy and I went to the Mall a couple of days ago to look for something to shop. I was a little depressed that day, so I decided to hangout in the mall and check out the stores to see what stuff are on sale. In the middle of the Mall there is Santa’s corner. My little boy was not so excited to see Santa, I guess he was scared of him. But he sat on the wooden bench with table on it that has a papers and pencils. He started scribbling his wish. He said he wants to write a letter to Santa. I help him out and told me what he wants for Christmas. Afterward we put it in Santa’s mouth(photo below).Photobucket Isn’t this cool? I think this is a raffle box, because you need to write your address and telephone number on the paper. I guess they will pick out on which wish will be granted. I hope they will pick my son’s letter so he will get his Christmas wish.

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