My family and I welcome the new year 2013 with lots of foods for prosperous year, and a lot of noise to keep the evil spirit away all year round. Check out my little buddies below, having fun making noise.


I remembered that I still have sparkles left from the 4th of July, so we went outside to continue our banging and blowing of horns with our sparklers lighted up at the same time screaming Happy New Year! It was a bit quite in our neighborhood. The night was so still, and not so cold for the kids to be out for a few minutes. We heard some fireworks a couple of blocks away that only lasted for a minute. My kids had so much fun running around our front yard with their sparklers and horns. I’m sure our neighbors won’t mind our racket, and its New Year for Pete’s sake. lol.Anyway, below are my kids welcoming the New Year. PhotobucketBlog Photo Challenge 1/365