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A friend of mine who currently lives in California send me this Electric Griddle as a Christmas present. She asked me first if I have one already, I told her that I used to own one but I broke its probed and still looking for a replacement. She told me that she will give me her griddle since she doesn’t used it. I thought she was just joking, because it would be expensive to box an electric griddle from West Coast to East Coast. She said that its okay, and she will send it to me. It arrived just before Christmas, and it was wrapped so nicely with a Christmas wrapper and ribbons on it. I set it under the tree and waited for Christmas day to open it, so I have something to open on Christmas Day. 🙂

And on Christmas day, I opened the box and it was indeed an electric griddle as what she promised. I was so happy to have a new griddle, this will surely make our breakfast more fun and yummy.PhotobucketBlog Photo Challenge #8/365