Cell phones is one of the most important gadget now a days that a person can’t live without. I know that a person here in US owns an average of 2 to 3 cellphones, and an average household owns five or more that even an elementary kid owns one for emergency purposes. With our changing world, it is important to own one, but with it’s cool features such as GPS, Internet, Planner, EReader, Photo Sharing, and more, people are getting so dependent on it. Somehow it amazes you on how a small gadget has everything you need that even shopping and banking is fast and easy, which I find so cool.

I for one owns a smart cell phone that does all these features. It’s very nice to have a gadget that is very convenient to everything. But I am thinking of updating it when my 2year contract ends. But the questions is, what I will gonna do with my old cellphone? Actually, old cell phones, cause I got 3 of them in the closet that are just collecting dust. I was thinking of selling them, so I can get a money of out it. Pretty sure there are people out there who are interested to buy old cellphones regardless the model. But the question is,  how to sell cell phones? Can you sell them even though it is still lock? Or you need to unlock it first in order to sell it? Oh well, these questions are a bit mind boggling. But I am pretty sure there are websites that buy old cellphones.

How about you? Do you have old cellphones that you want to sell?