Winter was not so winter here in our end. We didn’t get much snow, and most of the time the temperature was in 30’s F. The kids were bored most of the time, because they missed the fun things to do during a Snow Day. Whenever it snowed a bit-which was 3x only last season, the kids would get so excited. They’d wish for it drop some more, but sad to say it didn’t stick long enough for them to enjoy.

Anyhow, we had a couple of good snowy day. And was able to make a snowman. Below was our last snowman for 2013. The little one had so much fun making him.

 photo IMG_3111_zpsbf7eff08.jpg
Clayton putting a scarf on his Snowman

 photo IMG_3113_zps42d297cd.jpg

 photo IMG_3114_zpsc66500ec.jpg

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