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A couple of weeks ago was hubby’s 46th Birthday. I was gonna treat him out for dinner, but since he was so busy and got no time to dine out, I decided to celebrate his birthday at home. I bought him a cake and made his favorite dish.

Below was his cake. It’s an ice cream cake by Carvel that I purchased at Walmart. You might be wondering why it look like it’s melted. Well, it’s melted alright, because I didn’t put it in the freezer. I forgot that it’s an ice cream cake. Silly me. LoL! photo IMG_3020_zpsccb07899.jpg

Anyhow, it was a quite celebration. The celebrant love the food that I made, it was his favorite.   photo IMG_3021_zps2f7fc2e2.jpg

He was happy and blew the candles with the kids right away, before he ate his dinner. He came home late that night, and the kids waited for him so they can have a slice of his cake before they go to bed.

The kids also prepared a card for him. Below was Clayton’s Card for his Plop plop.

 photo IMG_6887_zpsb9e9353c.jpgHe sure had a big laugh with this card! And since it was almost 12AM when he read this, he gave it to me right away. 🙂

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