Hello there! How are you today?  It’s a beautiful Weekend here in the East Coast. The sun is up, but it’s quite chilly outside because of the wind, but I am pretty sure it will warm up later on.

As for my share for today’s challenge are these photos below that I took several days ago when the kids were out and about. Don’t they all look so cute and adorable?  The little girl and the other kid are our neighbors. They live across the street, and they like to come over to play with my boys. They love to ran around our backyard and play Tag, and sometimes just walk around and explore the surroundings. Looking at them so happy and free made me recall of my childhood days. It was so different back then, cause Parents dont need to watch their kids while they play and when the clock strikes at 6, everybody is already in the house. Now, you have to watch them closely and make sure nothing bad happens to them. photo IMG_3993-1_zpsdc10f932.jpg

Photo Below is our backyard. It’s one of my favorite shots of the kids.
 photo IMG_4013_zps45cdb04d.jpg