Hello BPC hoppers! How are you today? I apologize for the delay ofย  postingย  #129, it’s because the server of this blog has some issues lately, but no worries cause it’s all fix now.

Anyway, as for my share for #129/365 BPC is when we went to Abreeza Mall, which is one of the newest and biggest Mall here in Davao. Here are some of our photos in the Mall.

 photo IMG_4362-1_zpse4e85131.jpg

When we get in the mall, the first thing that my little buddies did is ride on this animal rides. Clayton had so much fun that he dont want to stop riding. There’s also a little playground next to it, and both had fun playing with the other kids.

 photo e150fcec-cf5f-4458-9d67-69acbc66cbaf_zpse1338599.jpg

While they were busy playing, I took an opportunity to pose for a souvenir that we went to this Mall. Thanks to my Mom for this photo

 photo IMG_4365_zps830e5d01.jpg

And after all that playing, the kids got so hungry so we decided to dine at Jollibee which is just right in front of the playground.

 photo IMG_4368_zps2aef6591.jpg

We ordered our favorites. Chicken Joy Meal for Clayton, Chicken Joy with Spaghetti Meal for Jian, Palabok for Mom, and Cheeseburger Meal for me. Yum!!! My guys were not able to ateย  it all, so the rest went to my happy tummy. ๐Ÿ˜€

 photo IMG_4367_zps59ec50e6.jpg
After dining in Jollibee, we walked around for a while and look around the stores in the Mall. I’ve noticed that a lot of the stores here are like US Stores. It made me think that the prices are probably $$ too. After walking for a few minutes, the power went off of the Mall. I grabbed my kids right away, to make sure that they won’t wander around. The light didn’t came on so we decided to go outside, grabbed a taxi, and went to NCCC Mall to buy some groceries.

I was so tired after all that, and sleepy too since it was already afternoon when we got home. Kids were also sleepy. We hit the bed right away as soon as we got home.

There you go, that’s my share for #129/365 BPC? How about you? Do you have any personal photos for today? Feel free to link it up here.