Yesterday, I went out to meet a few blogger friends here in Davao City, that are from #BisdakBloggers Group. It was my first time to meet them in person, and it feels like we’ve known each other for a long time. Rendezvous was at Abreeza, because there was an event there, and some of the bloggers were invited to watch and blog about the event. There were so many people, so I have to hold on tight with my little one to make sure that he wont get lost in the thick crowd. I only brought Clayton with me yesterday, because Jian just had his circumcision.

Anyway, it was a fun night. I really enjoyed talking to them, because we all had something in common and that is blogging, and of course we are all Mommies, so we talked some  motherhood stuff as well. And the next thing we knew it was late already. Time flew so fast that we didnt even notice that KFC was already closing. Oh boy, the little one fell asleep in the middle of our dinner. It was past his bedtime, and I sure had a hard time carrying him out cause he is darn heavy. Lol. But nonetheless I get the chance to meet fellow mommy bloggers from Davao City.

Here are some of our photos.

 photo IMG_4460_zps53dcae72.jpg

Mommy Pretty Kat and Me. While waiting for the event to finish, we strike a post before it gets really crowded.

Here are the Mommies from Left.. Me, Mommy Kat, Mommy Vern, Mommy Rovie, Mommy Tina C, Mommy Tere(cut buy the photographer), and Anne Thomson who was still on the way from work. (photo grabbed from Rovie Aguis, hope u dont mind. =D)