Hello there! It’s my second week of hosting BPC. How are you doing today? How did you celebrate Mother’s Day? As for me, I just greeted Mom a Happy Mothers day, and dine here in the house. Mom and Dad went to the Market to buy some fresh goodies, and we had an abundant Breakfast and Lunch. We had seafoods galore for breakfast, and barbeque galore for lunch! My tummy was so full that I can barely move. Mom and Dad did all the cooking and it was super yummy! Ahhh I wish life is like this forever. I know right? Well, every sunday, the meal here is like this, but yesterday it was extra especial because it was mom and mine’s Day.

 photo 5e493400bafd11e2b6fe22000a9f12db_7_zpsbb9deb51.jpg

Our Breakfast!! Super fresh! super Yummy!!
I dont have a photo of lunch, I decided not to take a photo cause it might be so painful to see. lol

 photo IMG_4300_zpsdb1a46f5.jpg

Here is my mom striking a pose with her pretty hobby.