I remember when I was little I used to attendĀ  Flores De Mayo(Flowers of May) in the chapel here in our Subdivision. My little sister and I used to gather flowers with our little baskets to give to Mama Mary before the class ends. It was fun. Not only we learn how to pray, sing praises, and play with other kids, but also escaped nap time because the classes were like in the afternoon. But now they changed it. They do it in the morning after breakfast, so that the kids are still fresh, lively, and full of energy.

A couple of days ago, the bell in the chapel started ringing. It occurred to me that it’s probably Flores de Mayo. I bathed my kids, dressed them up, and took them to the chapel to see if I’m right. I was right. It was the first day of Flores de Mayo. I let my kids joined them so they get acquainted with the other kids here in our neighborhood. Even though they didn’t understand what the other kids and the teacher were saying, they had a good time following them. I was glad that I took my kids there, and were able to experienced stuff that I did when I was little. I explained to them what is Flores de Mayo means, and I used to go when I was little. Below is a photo when they attended Flores de Mayo.

 photo photo-1-3_zps4a95b546.jpg

And below is a video that I recoded of one of the sings that they were singing.