A couple of days ago, my kids and I went to visit Lolo’s shop that is a mile away from their house.  This is where he used to do all his business junks such as advertising, painting jobs, and repairing jobs. But he doesn’t do all that stuff anymore cause he is now in the garbage business where he collects all the garbage from Coca-Cola Company. So this shop serves us a place for his hobby and that is raising Roosters for derby. But he doesnt do derby either. It is more like a past time when he is not doing anything in the house. My dad is the kind of guy that doesnt sit still, he always have something to do even though it is not important as long as he is doing something.

So below are my photos at the shop..

 photo IMG_4416_zpsa4db33b4.jpg

Clayton the Explorer! =D


 photo IMG_4418_zpsa57b993f.jpg

One of the roosters

 photo 02266cdc-70a9-4663-9418-c3cf03ee00fd_zpsb0c7c222.jpg

Grandpa and his Bantay