For today’s BPC, I would like to share to you photos of my kids during the wedding of my brother a couple of days ago. Both kids were in the entourage, and both have a little bit of issues like my eldest who just had his big C, and the little one is always on the hype. But mommy was very good in fixing things for the boys to feel comfortable and able to do their role as a Coin Bearer and a Ring Bearer. If you wanna know what I did, you can email me and I will be happy to share to you privately.
Anyhow below are my kids in Barong Tagalog attire with their pillows of stuff. This was taken before they started walking down the aisle. I was a bit worried about the little one but in the end he behaved like a sweet puppy and follow the lead of his big brother. Whew! I tell you that was a relief. I was in a Secondary sponsor that carries the Veil, I was also the photographer, and I also assist the Ring Bearer to make sure that he will not throw the pillow with real rings on the floor. It was tough, but I did it just fine. I was not able to take photos of the little guy because I was beside him until we reached the altar. I was so glad that he didn’t make a scene. It sure made me feel very proud of my two boys. They look so good in their Barong Tagalog.

 photo IMG_4678_zps553945c0.jpg

 photo 55734943-782b-4051-8b37-236d0d2f6287_zps03b8dde1.jpg