Jian wanted to watch a movie in one of the theaters in Davao when he saw the Epic movie was on. He was so excited to watch it. It’s been a while since he’s been indoor all the time so I thought it would be a perfect day to go to the mall, cool down, enjoy our vacation, and entertain my niece who misses her mommy who just left for Singapore. It was a pretty day, not so hot, not even humid, just cloudy and look like its going to rain but it didnt. So hop we went to SM Lanang cause we haven’t visited this mall yet. I thought the IMAX theater would be a great experienced for the kids. But before we head to the theater, we stroll around the mall first and looked at their fountains and outdoor garden top. It was pretty cute but not the greatest though, maybe it will look different at night and when the fountains are on. But what I like about this mall is that it is big and there were only few shoppers compare to NCCC in matina and SM in Ecoland which are always crowded day and night. I used to stand a huge crowd of shoppers but living in the country of PA for 6years made me like the not crowded places, and of course it is very tough with the kids. You need to hold them tight so they will not get lost in the crowd.

Anyway, below were our photos at SM Lanang.


2nd Floor SM Lanang, overlooking their fountain show


 photo IMG_4950_zps7b01b033.jpg

Heading to the Theater



a pose by the movie that we watched. It was very entertaining, the kids really love it even Clayton