My kids and I are here in Davao City for 3 weeks now, and we missed Plop Plop so dearly. There are no days that I don’t think of him. I’m worried sick about his Health condition cause I know he is in severe pain. The disc on his spine broke and are not align. The doctor wants to fix it right away but they can’t yet because hubby wants to wait when we get home from our vacation. I sure feel so sad about this. I wanted to shorten our vacation but I think it’s too late now to do that. And it wont be easy because there’s 3 of us.
Anyway, I always keep in touch with him. I email him everyday and he respond everyday. If he can’t reply right away, it worries me right away. My mind would be wondering what if something happens to him and nobody knows about it because he is home alone. Ahhh…our situation sure is killing me at this moment. But in spite the pain he is feeling , he can still give me a big smile at the camera. I always pray to God that nothing bad happen to him while the kids and I are away. So far he is doing fine and he will see the doctor tomorrow for a pain shot.

Photo Below is Hubby and Me. I asked him to smile like my smile.Hubby