Have you experienced flying in an airplane for more than 24hours? Well, my family  just experienced it a couple of days ago, and I tell you, it was very tough especially with the little one who were first time flyer. It was fun at first, but later on they got bored and started complaining about how tired they were for sitting for a long time and keep on asking if we are there yet. Good thing they were entertained by the airplane amenities that kept them busy for awhile and feel comfortable, but in spite that they would get bored and started whining for a bit.

Anyway, before we left US, I got everything ready so that my kids will be comfortable in traveling. I even booked a hotel in advance on going back to US to avoid any hassles and in order to get some best deals. I searched online for cheap hotel rooms cause we will only be staying for one night, so there is no sense in getting something really luxury and we won’t be staying for long hours anyway. So I found one online, and was very lucky to booked it in one month advanced before our flight, because now there is no more available for that hotel.

Right now, we are adjusting with the temperature  here in the Tropics, I am hoping that it wont be scorching hot tomorrow so we can get some fresh air later, stroll around the city, and enjoy the beach before we start packing again to head back home in US.