The first thing that I always checked in my purse before I leave the house is my cellphone. I always carry it with me anywhere I go. I can’t leave the house without it cause to me it is a necessity not luxury. But I have upgraded 4 times already since my stay in US. I gave some of my cellphones to my family back home so they have something to used. Until I learned about

I didn’t know that there are companies online where you can sell your old cellphones for a very good price. I still have a few old cellphones left that I am thinking of selling which will help me pay off a new cellphone that I had been eying on. I had been thinking of upgrading to a better phone because this one that I have is starting to fail me. I had been eligible for upgrade because I have this phone for more than 2 years now. I was not able to upgrade after my 2 year contracts because cellphones are very expensive, but with the, I can now purchased a new phone after I sell my old ones. I am thinking of getting the iPhone 5 or the latest Samsung Cellphone which has some really cool features that I can use. Oh I can’t wait to get my hands on these cool smart phones.