Yay! It’s finally June! And I’m happy to announce that I’m still your BPC host for this month. :-)

And to make this Photo Challenge fun, I will be giving a special price to those who can complete the whole month of June. Exciting isn’t it?

So for today’s Challenge I would like to share a photo of the kids playing hops scotch right outside the gate. My eldest was feeling much better now so he was able to play with his cousins outside. While they play, I watched them by the gate to make sure that they are safe and nobody will bully them.

 photo IMG_5076_zps721e2fb9.jpg
Looking at them reminds me of my childhood days when video games and computer are not yet a thing. Our toys back then were tin cans, news papers, sticks, garters, flip flops and lot more that we can toss, jump, run, and chase. It sure was fun, and I am happy to share it to my kids so they will experience the same fun things when we were little.