It’s another day of BPC again! I know I am late and I am trying my best to catch up and comment everyone who joined.

As for today’s BPC, I want to share to everyone what we did on Monday June 3. My dad invited us all to have lunch outside, but before that we went to the bank first to get some cash. Sad to say the teller was out for lunch that time so it took them a long time to finished the transaction. Kids were so hungry cause it was 2pm already. Because of this incident, my dad plans was ruined. He dropped us at NCCC Mall to have lunch while he and mom have other things to do before the day ends.
I was craving for Halo Halo at Chowking so we had lunch at Chowking. After that, we got nothing to do, so MIL and I took the kids to Timezone to pass time. We loaded our card and let the kids play any game they want. As you can see below, Clayton is so busy playing one of the games there.  photo photo-5-1_zpsfcde1c0a.jpg
And below is another favorite game Smack the Crocks
 photo photo-7_zps5df5ff7e.jpg
And here is Kuya JJ playing his game. photo baf8dda1-952e-4b8b-8d81-2455b92e3c62_zps872a170e.jpg

The kids had so much fun for they don’t want to leave the place and want to play some more! Too bad we need to go after we ran out of credits because it looks like the sky was ready to cry. There were kids crying that day and fell asleep early due to none stop action.