Yesterday was not so hot and not humid in this side of the planet we’re in, so I took my kids out to have a bonding moment without the nieces and grandparents tagging along. My kids wanted to experience riding the Jeepney and the Tricycle but mom and dad told me not to let them ride the jeepney because it’s too crowded for them and too dusty. In spite that, we rode the tricycle from the house to the main road, then the Jeepney to Bangkal which is just a few kilometers away from the house.

As you can see in the photo below, the little one enjoyed the tricycle ride and want ride again. And on the second photo, my Kuya loved his jeepney experienced and can’t hide his excitement by babbling none stop until we got off. There were only a few stops from Ulas-where we live and to Bangkal, and there’s only a few passengers in the jeepney, so it was an easy and fun ride for my guys.

Riding the tricycle and the Jeepney are one of the things that I missed most in Philippines.