photo 3defcb76-de57-4bef-ae6a-cfca303ab711_zps0be1b031.jpgThat’s me and my friend Ana S., an old friend of mine whom I know since Elementary. I remember she was my very first friend when I transferred to PWC from a public school where my Mom was teaching. We’ve been friends since third grade, and even though there were times that we’re not classmates from Elementary to High School, we still hang out during recess and lunch breaks, and sit together in the school bus. We shared a lot of memories together good and bad,  and last Tuesday when I surprised visit here in her old house we reminisce the good ole days and catch up some things that we missed during my 6 years of being away. It sure was nice seeing her again and hope we can hang out some more before we head back to US. 🙂

That’s my share for today’s challenge. How about you? Do you still communicate with your friends from Elementary? If you do, you can share it here. Have a great Weekend everyone!