After my surprised visit with my old friend, I took my kids to my old school where I spent most of my Elementary and HS life trying to fit in. My eldest was so excited when he found out where I was taking them. He want to see my old room, old playground, maybe meet my old teachers, principals and so on. School was still out in Davao, so there were only a few students who were trying to enroll for the coming School Year. I was surprised how much have changed in this school. It was so old fashioned back then. The design was so spanish. But they still retain the old buildings and re painted it like this first photo below. I remember I used to hangout at the balcony during lunch break at the middle on the 2nd floor that is right below the letters PWC, and call the attention of passers by then hide under if they look. I thought it was funny back then, now it was kinda lame.  lol.

Anyhow, we walked around the school hoping to see familiar faces, but saw none. I didn’t see my old teachers, I guess they were still on vacation. My kids had fun checking out all the classrooms in the Elementary building, some are now computer rooms. They wanted to go upstairs but I told them no, because after 20yrs, I still have that eeky feeling of going to the second floor.


3rd photo is the elementary building, and the 4th photo is the catwalk where I used to eat my lunch. Happy too see that it’s still there, now much more improved.

How about you? Do you still visit your old school? Link up belo and share your photo story below.