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Clayton: Knock Knock!
Me: Whos there?!
Clayton: Bee!
Me: Bee who?
Clayton : Wash your hands and Bee healthy! ha ha ha ha

That’s what my little boy always asked me every time he sees the big bee in a red suit with a big happy smile. You have to laugh at his joke or else he will get you. LoL!

Anyhow, on the day that I visited my old friend and my old school, I took my kids to SM Mall in Ecoland which is just a mile away from the school. I asked them what they want to eat, when they saw the red bee in a red suit, they said in unison ‘Jollibee!’ And the little boy started his same joke right away, if you don’t answer ‘Whos There?’ he will get you, and if you don’t laugh, he will get you too! LoL. Aint he so funny? Anyway, both got their wish since they were such a good boy that day. They strike a pose before we enter cause they want to send the photo to their Plop Plop to show that they ate at Jollibee which is now their favorite fast food chain. 🙂

How about you? What is your favorite fast food chain?