I mentioned yesterday’s post that I am going to feature the Shows that we watched at the Crocodile Park. Well, here they are..

1st show was the Wildlife Encounter Educational Show

 photo IMG_5268-1_zps910ccc7c.jpgIt’s a bird show, snake show, and parrot show. The birds did some amazing stunts like flying from tree to tree, around the people, catching the nuts that were thrown up in the air by the zoo keeper, bicycling using their handmade bicycle, and playing basketball and bowling. Look at my Jian on the top photo, he got surprised by this hornbill bird who jump in front of him.

 photo dc96d1ce-7015-4cce-8d96-4976d0172213_zps4f450e4d.jpgA brave volunteer to get close with this amazing reptile. They gave her free tickets for Maxima Resorts for putting the snake around her neck.

 Pangil Encounter
 photo IMG_5274_zps3f139358.jpg
This is pangil the 18ft crocodile. They tease him so that he will move and splash water to the people. lol He sure is very scary looking thing!

• Crocodile Dancing

photo grabbed from Crocodile Park Website

Crocodile Feeding Frenzy
s photo IMG_5276_zpsd1be0bf0.jpg

Then the tightrope which I posted the other day. There was also a Wildlife Encounter Interactive but we didnt watched it because I had a terrible headache that was so unbearable. I took my kids outside to have some fresh air cause it was getting crowded inside the park.

My kids learned a lot that day about crocs and other animals in the park. I wish we visited the butterfly kingdom but I was starting to throw up due to my headache. Maybe we will visit this park again, and this time with hubby hopefully. 🙂